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Funding Innovation

The money raised at Unravel the Night SF Bay will fund innovation at the Laboratory for Childhood Brain Tumor Research at Weill Cornell, run by Dr. Praveen Raju. Dr. Raju studies the developmental origins of pediatric brain tumors and focuses particularly on medulloblastoma (the most common malignant brain tumor in children). Over one-third of children with medolloblastoma die within 5 years of diagnosis and survivors are left with significant neurological deficits due to toxicity of combined surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Dr. Raju seeks to better understand brain tumor biology and is researching ways to specifically target cancer cells during treatment, without harming surrounding healthy tissue. His research is truly ground-breaking and has the potential to work on other types of cancers, both pediatric and adult, neural and non-neural.

We had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Raju in April 2019. Our video from meeting him and more about his research is below.

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